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Working with multiple applications simultaneously

Often you may use more than program at once – for example, to allow you to write a report based on information on a spreadsheet and from the internet.


Both Windows and Macintosh computer allow a number of shortcuts to be used to quickly navigate between multiple programs running at once.

Switching between programs

On Windows, Alt + Escape cycles between all running programs. Use multiple times until you get the program you want.


CTRL + Tab (Windows) or Command + Tab (Mac) cycles through programs, going to the most recently-used first. Therefore, if you are continually switching between two programs, you would only need to press this once each time. On the Windows version, a list of thumbnails are shown to make it easier to select the program you want if it wasn’t the most recently used.

Minimise all programs

If you have a lot of windows open, it’s often easier to minimise them all, and then re-show the ones you need. Windows + M (Windows) or Command + Option + M (Mac) minimises all windows and shows the desktop.


On a Windows computer, you can also minimise all application apart from the one you’re interested in by grabbing the title bar of the application you want to keep open and – with the mouse button still down – “shaking” the window.

Showing 2 windows side by side (Windows computer only)

If you’re running Windows 7 or later, you can get applications to snap to either the left or right side of the screen. Grab the title bar of an application and drag it to the far right or far left. When you get near the edge of the screen, a ghost outline will appear to indicate that the window will snap to the side of the screen. By doing this with two applications – one on the left and one of the right – you can use two programs on the screen simultaneously.

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