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Speed up working with Word

Speed up working with word with our top 5 shortcuts – you can save yourself hours each week with keyboard shortcuts in word.


Mac users: use the Command key instead of the CTRL key.

1 – Left, Centre, Right, Justify

CTRL + L align paragraph left

CTRL + E align paragraph centrally

CTRL + R align paragraph right

CTRL + J justify paragraph

2 – Bold, Italic, Underline

CTRL + B toggles bold

CTRL + I toggles italic

CTRL + U toggles underline

3 – Font sizes

CTRL + ] increases font size by 1 point.

CTRL + [ decreases font size by 1 point.

4 – Line spacing

CTRL + 1 set line spacing to single-spaced

CTRL + 5 set line spacing to 1.5-spaced

CTRL + 2 set line spacing to double-spaced

5 – Heading styles

CTRL + ALT + 1 set paragraph to Heading 1 style

CTRL + ALT + 2 set paragraph to Heading 2 style

CTRL + ALT + 3 set paragraph to Heading 3 style

About Company Works

Company Works was formed in 2004, and has been providing IT support and development solutions to London and the South East of England ever since.


We have also helped clients from around the globe, include in the USA, Europe and Australia.


Our staff have many years of experience in the fields of IT support, software design and development.


All our staff undertake continuous training in the latest technologies and conventions. This ensures they are always up-to-date with the latest products and solutions, and can offer you the absolute best advice and service.


We have also developed our own diagnostic software, designed in-house for PC and laptop diagnosis, meaning we can find the most common problems quickly and fix them without having to waste hours looking for possible solutions or reinstalling the operating system completely (a common "solution" used by some of our competitors). This software is updated constantly to reflect new problems as they are found.


Our services include:



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