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The Thursday Teaser - #001 - 18th February 2016

Brian's Computer Audit

Brian is a good boss, but he’s scared of IT and doesn’t like change. In the computer centre, he knows there are 9 computers:

From his own cubicle in the centre of the computer centre, he can see there are 3 computers to his right:

He can also see 3 computers to his left, in front of him and behind him:

As long as he can see three computers to his left and right, as well as in front of and behind him, he’ll be a happy Brian.

But Alice needs to install an additional computer!

She has to install the new computer on a desk, and it has to be visible to Brian. She can move the other computers around if she wants to, by they also must be on a desk and must be visible. No computer can be moved to or from Brian’s desk, and there are no other desks apart from the nine in the computer centre.


Where can Alice install the tenth computer, so Brian remains happy? Don’t forget, Brian must be able to see exactly three computers to his left and right, as well as in front of and behind him.


We’ll give you the answer with next Thursday’s teaser.


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