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The Thursday Teaser - #002 - 25th February 2016

Tom and Sally's lost paperwork

Tom and Sally are visiting a customer, but have realised they’ve forgotten the paperwork with the address on!!!

They know it’s a house – rather than a block of flats, which narrows it down to 10 possibilities:


Application Avenue – numbers 1, 4 and 5

Laptop Lane – numbers 1 and 6

Server Street – numbers 1 and 3

Desktop Drive – number 3, 5 and 6


Their conversation goes like this:


Tom – “I can remember which road the customer lives on.”

Sally – “And I can remember the house number.”

Tom – “Well, I don’t know which house it is, but I know that you don’t know either.”

Sally – “I didn’t know before, but I know now.”

Tom – “In that case, I also know.”

Which house does the customer live in?

We'll give you the answer with next week's Thursday Teaser.

Answer to last week's teaser: Brian's computer audit

To keep Brian happy, Alice needs to move a computer from a corner position – where it can be seen by Brian in two of his views – to one of the desks next to it. Then the new computer is put onto the other desk next to the corner position she moved the computer from.

If Brian looks around, he’ll still find three computers to the left and right as well as in front of and behind him.

In total there are now ten computers – Alice has successfully installed a new computer without Brian getting worried!


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We have also developed our own diagnostic software, designed in-house for PC and laptop diagnosis, meaning we can find the most common problems quickly and fix them without having to waste hours looking for possible solutions or reinstalling the operating system completely (a common "solution" used by some of our competitors). This software is updated constantly to reflect new problems as they are found.


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