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The Thursday Teaser - #004 - 10th March 2016

Brian's faulty robots

Brian has bought two robots cheaply off a dodgy site on the internet. Thankfully, he has realised his mistake and wants to send them back – he knows he can send them back within 14 days of switching them on.

The problem is, he can’t remember when he switched them on, but he knows he switched them both on in the same day and that was less than 14 days ago.


Robot A (Yes, Brain isn’t imaginative when naming robots!) is known to lie on every third day from when it was first switched on (so the first day Robot A lies would be day 3).


Robot B is known to lie on every fifth day from when it was first switched on.


In the manual, it states that robots do not know what day they were switched on, nor how many days ago that was. Of course, Brian hasn’t bothered reading the manual!


Brian asks both robots how long they have been switched on. Robot A replies “I don’t know what day I was switched on, but yesterday I would have told you that I did.” Robot B replies “I too would have told you yesterday that I knew which day I was switched on.”


How long have the robots been switched on?


Answer with next week's teaser

Answer to last week's teaser: Sally's holiday message

Last week, Sally was rushing around before going on holiday, and hurriedly typed out directions to three folders that Tom needs to work on.


Tom couldn’t make head or tail of what he found in Sally’s printer:

Sally was clearly in a great hurry when you typed the note for Tom – so much so that she wasn’t looking what she was doing, and typed the character to the right of each one on the keyboard. So instead of typing “Tom”, she typed “Yp,”.


What she meant to type was:

Now Tom can find the folders and do the work he needs to!


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