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Data recovery

Computer can't read you hard drive?

"Missing Operating System" error when you start up your computer?

Computer crashes randomly?

Constant click sound inside your computer?

Any of these symptoms could be an indication that your hard drive is failing!


Your hard drive is the most important part of your computer - apart from containing the operating system and all the programs you've installed on your computer, it contains all your files and information- your pictures, music, e-mails, videos, documents, spreadsheets, internet favourites, databases - everything you use your computer for.


No matter how careful you are, hard drives can fail suddenly. You might notice a clicking noise from inside the computer, you might find that the computer crashes randomly, or won't even start up at all.


Of course, keeping regular back ups is vital. But even if you back up every evening, what about the work you've done today? Most people only back up once a week, and rarely - if ever - check whether the back up was successful. With the best will in the world, it's easy to risk losing files.

Act now

As soon as you have a problem, call us. If we can get the failing hard drive early enough, we can usually retrieve all your file before its too late! We have a success rate of over 95%, even from computers which won't start up at all.


Don't be tempted to leave it to later - once it starts failing, the hard drive will deteriorate rapidly - you might find it completely dead the following day!

Our data recovery service

We can recover your files to an external hard drive or to a USB stick (subject to free space on the device). If you only want certain files, folders or file types recovered, we can handle that too!


Our data recovery service is available from our workshop - most data recoveries are completed with three working days.


We can recover data from both PC and Mac hard-drives, as well as USB memory sticks, camera and other memory cards


Note: Worskhop-based services are only available until 30 September 2016

Data recovery tariff

Workshop data recovery (by appointment only):

Per hard drive

Per  USB memory stick / camera memory card

Unable to read

£ 75.00

£ 50.00

£ 25.00

The Unable to read charge applies instead of the main charge in the rare instances when the hard drive, USB stick or memory card has become so badly damaged it cannot be read at all.


VAT is charged at the prevailing rate in addition to the amounts shown above.


For details of accepted methods of payment, please see our payment methods page.

Book a data recovery appointment now

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020 3239 9484

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Appointments are made on a first-come first-served basis. Although we always endeavour to provide an appointment at the requested date and time, during busy periods it might not always be possible to do so.


Please note that our engineers often visit customers on-site, so the workshop is not always manned. In order to avoid disappointment, please ensure that you make an appointment prior to turning up. Appointment times are in 15 minute slots, so please let us know if you think you will be early or late.


For full terms and conditions of our services, please see our terms and conditions page.

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