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Database design and development

What are the benefits of a database?

In the simplest terms, a database is an organised collection of information. In itself, if might not seem so different to having thousands of printed pages in a filing cabinet.


The difference is, with a correctly-organised database, a lot more information can be accessed and produced. For example, if you had a filing cabinet full of invoices you have sent out, you can have them organised by customer or by date - but not by both. A database can organise your information in any way - by date, by customer, by purchased item; almost anything you can think of.


Even more, a database can be used to easily obtain aggregate and calculated functions - if you wanted to know how many invoices last year contained a particular purchase, and what the average number of units purchased on those invoice was, this can be done in seconds on a database - think how long that would take in a filing cabinet.


Of course, almost nobody using filing cabinets as a database nowadays - however, many small businesses still use a spreadsheet (or even a text file) to hold important information. Although far better than a physical filing cabinet, they lack the abilities that a database have, and quickly get unwieldly as the number of items increase.

Database development services

Whatever your requirements, we can design, develop and implement a database solution to match your needs. Our database experts have many years of database experience and with many database types, from Microsoft Access™ and FileMaker to Microsoft SQL Server™.

Database development tariff

As every development is unique, each is quoted for on an individual basis. Please contact us to arrange for one of our experts to discuss your requirements, prior to producing a quotation for the work.


Expert database design and development services

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