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Company Works disaster recovery services

Virus removal

However careful you are, it's easy to get malware and viruses onto your computer - and a lot harder to get them off.


With care and an up-to-date anti-virus package, the danger can be minimised, but if your computer gets infected, we can remove the malware and viruses.


See our virus removal page for full details of our virus removal services.

Expert virus removal services


Occasionally, you may find your computer has become corrupted and needs a complete re-install. Or you may want to change your hard drive to a larger or faster one. Either way, we can help you with the re-installation process.


See our reinstallation page for full details of our operating system reinstallation services.

Expert computer and operating system reinstallation services

Data recovery

Sometime the worst can happen - your computer completely stops working. This can happen after an accident, such as dropping or knocking it, or just because of sheer bad luck.


The good news is that around 90% of the time, we can recover data from the hard drive, even if the computer is unable to read it.


See our data recovery page for full details of our data recovery services.

Expert data recovery services

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