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Company Works installation services

Computer installation

Thinking about getting a new computer, but don't know how to get your files onto it? Maybe you just don't have time to set it up and transfer across your documents. Or you just need help transferring Microsoft Office™ to your new machine? Whatever you need, we can visit you and get your new computer set up and running just how you want it to be.


See our computer installation page for full details of our computer set-up services.

Expert computer installation services

Networking installation

If you're thinking of setting up or moving office, or if you need to extend you existing network, our experts have the skill and experience to plan, install, set-up and maintain all your networking requirements. Whether you need to extend a wireless network to a new room or networking numerous computers and multiple servers through firewalls, we can get it up and running with minimum fuss and disruption.


See our network installation page for full details of our network installation services.

Expert network installation services

Server installation and configuration

If your business is ready to make the move to a server - or even just shared storage on a NAS - we can help you set up your server, create the shares your require and set the security you need to ensure all your staff can access exactly what they should (and nothing more!).


What's more, we can also provide all the maintenance you need for your new server - either on an ad-hoc basis, or as part of a service level agreement (SLA) including monitoring and preventative maintenance.


See our server installation for full details of our server installation and maintenance services.

Expert server installation and configuration services

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