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Payment methods

Payment for IT Support, supply and all services other than remote support packages

Payment is accepted by the following methods:


BACS - bank transfers are accepted for limited companies and registered charities. For non-incorporated customers, BACS transfer is only accepted by prior arrangement. Except when credit terms have been previously be given, bank transfers must be made immediately after the completion of the job and witnessed by the Company Works engineer.


Please note that we no longer accept Cheques or Cash as payment.

Payment for non-stock parts

If any work includes supply or replacement of non-stock parts (such as laptop parts etc), pre-payment of the parts may be required prior to ordering. One of our engineers will advise you if this is the case. Please note that payments by cheque for non-stock parts will require clearance prior to ordering of parts.

Payment for remote support packages

Remote support packages are invoiced in advance; an invoice will be sent to you (via e-mail) 14 days prior to the start of the period for which the invoice pertains. Payment should be made by BACS transfer prior to the start of the period in order to ensure continuous support.


Please note that the BACS transfer is the only accepted payment method for remote support packages.

Credit terms

Limited companies and registered charities may be considered for credit terms of 14 days only after the first job (which must be paid for upon completion in accordance with methods listed above). Credit terms apply to ad-hoc labour charges only. Company Works reserves the right to refuse or remove credit terms without reason.


Clients that are not bona fide limited companies or registered charities must make payment in full upon completion of the work.

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