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We are a responsible re-installer

We only re-install your hard drive if your operating system is corrupted beyond compare. Unlike some IT support companies, we don't use re-installation as a "solution" for virus infection or a slow-running computer.


Why do we do this?


Because we know that your computer contains more than just your documents. Your computer also has numerous applications you may have installed - from Microsoft Office™ to games your children - or you - might play. Re-installation only puts the operating system back on your computer, leaving you with the job of having to re-install all your software, a task which could take several hours - if, of course, you can find the original DVDs and licence codes!


That's why we only re-install the operating system when there really is no other alternative.

When it really is necessary

In a perfect world, re-installation should never be necessary. Windows 8 and later even have a Refresh Windows option which attempts to re-install the operating system over the existing one, thereby avoiding the need to re-install all your applications.


However, this doesn't always work, and sometimes there is no alternative but to complete re-install the operating system. When this happens, give us a call.

Our re-installation service

Our re-installation service includes the following:


  • Back-up of all your user files (in user and public folders) prior to re-installation.
  • Re-installation of your operating system.
  • Installation of all drivers for the computer's hardware.
  • Installation of all windows updates.
  • Creation of user accounts.
  • Restoring all user files (in user and public folders) as prior to re-installation.


We also offer a premium service, including all the both, and additionally:


  • Installation of Microsoft Office 365 (customer to provide their username and password for an existing Microsoft Office 365 subscription).
  • Installation of desired anti-virus application (if a subscription application, customer to provide their username and password for the existing subscription).
  • Installation and set-up of iTunes, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash.
  • Optional installation and set-up of Google Chrome and/or Firefox browsers.


Our re-installation service is available from our workshop - most Windows re-installations are completed with one working day.


We can also perform Mac re-installations, please call us for details.

Re-installation tariff

Workshop re-installation (by appointment only):

Basic re-installation (Windows)

Premium re-installation (Windows)

£ 50.00

£ 75.00

VAT is charged at the prevailing rate in addition to the amounts shown above.


For details of accepted methods of payment, please see our payment methods page.

Expert computer reinstallation services

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Appointments are made on a first-come first-served basis. Although we always endeavour to provide an appointment at the requested date and time, during busy periods it might not always be possible to do so.


Please note that our engineers often visit customers on-site, so the workshop is not always manned. In order to avoid disappointment, please ensure that you make an appointment prior to turning up. Appointment times are in 15 minute slots, so please let us know if you think you will be early or late.


In order to comply with operating system, licensing requirements, we can only install the operating system version for which a licence is already on the computer. For computers running Windows 7 or earlier, a valid licence sticker is required on the computer in order to complete the re-installation.


For full terms and conditions of our services, please see our terms and conditions page.

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