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Server installation and configuration

Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and much more

Whatever spec. you need for your business server, our experts can install and configure it, set up security and external access as required, and even migrate from your old servers as required.


Once set up and connected, we'll connect all your computers to the new server and ensure they all have the correct credentials to access the areas they should (and not those they shouldn't!).


Ongoing support and maintenance

We can also provide you with all the support you need to keep your servers in full working order - including monitoring and maintenance, as well as advice on everything from backup to security issues.


We have a range of service-level options for looking after your servers, ranging from quarterly on-site checks through to live monitoring - please see our server support page for full details of our server maintenance services.


If you'd prefer to look after the ongoing maintenance of your server yourself, you can still use our ad-hoc support services whenever you need help with your server.

Server installation tariff

On-site set up

New server set up (non-migration)

Migration from existing server

£ 400.00

£ 300.00 per half day (or part thereof)

Price shown for non-migration are fixed charge and relate to the installation of the server within one working day for a new server which data and/or configuration is not being migrated from a previous server. This is suitable for businesses who are purchasing their first server.


For migrations from an existing server, charges are made per half day (or part thereof). A half-day is four hours. Due to the nature of migration from an existing server, no quotation can be given for the amount of time required, but on average, migrations take 2 days.


Prices do not include hardware or software. For a quotation including server hardware, please contact us.


VAT is charged at the prevailing rate in addition to the amounts shown above.


For details of accepted methods of payment, please see our payment methods page.

Expert server installation and configuration services

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Appointments are made on a first-come first-served basis. Although we always endeavour to provide an appointment at the requested date and time, during busy periods it might not always be possible to do so.


If you are unable to make an appointment you have previously arranged, please contact us as soon as possible after you become aware you cannot make the appointment. Please note that a cancellation charge will apply if an appointment is cancelled less than 2 hours prior to the appointment time.


For full terms and conditions of our services, please see our terms and conditions page.


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